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Awe inspiring Kings Heath wins Gold! PDF Print


"Incredible and awe inspiring" is how judges from Heart of England in Bloom described the Kings Heath community when awarding us Gold in this year's competition. So impressed were they that they have nominated the Kings Heath Floral Trail to represent the region in next year's prestigious national Britain in Bloom competition.

Judges Mike Garwood and Angela Pendleton who were taken on a whistle stop tour of the Floral Trail stated that they could not fail to be impressed by "the richness of the two parks, the floral displays throughout, the vibrant business and retail outlets and the welcoming and well used churches. All pervading on the day, was a sense of place, civic pride and ownership for the many jewels that are on the Kings Heath Floral Trail."

If you would like to read the entire document written by the judges, which highlights the Floral Trail's many areas of strength, then you can download a copy here (in pdf format) or simply navigate to our Awards Section here.

HSBC Bank Tackles Pigeon Menace! PDF Print

201107_HSBCPigeonHSBC Bank are taking action against the increasing menace of pigeons nesting on the High Street. New anti-pigeon measures have been installed on their frontage. The bank continues to set an example to other High Street traders in keeping their frontage clean and in good repair.

They already arrange for their frontage to be cleaned each morning. Hopefully, other traders will follow suit. In order to encourage them, two new categories are to be added in this year's KHCP Business Excellence Awards for Best Frontage and Most Improved Frontage.

Judgement Day! PDF Print
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 10:04

KHFTJudgeDayOzBob Prew and Phil Osman, the organisers of the Kings Heath Floral Trail, today presented judges from the Heart of England in Bloom competition with this year's entry, starting off with a presentation by Phil to the judges at Fox Hollies School. After being shown around the Fox Hollies School gardens the judges, Angela Pendleton and Mike Garwood, walked with the organisers to Highbury Park where they were chauffeur driven around the rest of the Floral Trail as available to view hereJudges

....and then onto the Loco Lounge, Kings Heath

After the judging had finished, organisers and volunteers then later met with the judges at the Loco Lounge in Kings Heath for a lovely buffet lunch to discuss all things floral, local and of general interest. Organisers would like to thank all those volunteers, community members and officers who have helped us over the months culminating in today's event.

Front Garden Competition Winners to be announced on Sept 20 PDF Print

2011 © KHFT - All rihgts reservedJudging has now taken place for this year's front garden competiton and the results are to be announced at an event to be held at the Hare and Hounds on Sept 20 to thank everyone who has contributed to the 2011 Floral Trail. Every front garden was automatically judged within the area bounded by Valentine Road, Springfield Road, Barn Lane, Wheelers Lane, Howard Road, Vicarage Road, Avenue Road and Dads Lane. Gardens were assessed against the criteria of sustainability, types of plants used, maintenance and biodiversity. All those nominated by the judges have been invited to the the "Thank You" event on September 20 where prizes will be awarded to the winners. At the same time, we will announce how we got on in this year's Heart of England in Bloom Competition

Weekend Weeders! PDF Print

Volunteers and organisers of the Kings Heath Floral Trail, spent their weekend, weeding, cleaning, painting, hoeing and sprucing ready for judges' visit on Tuesday, when they will be presented with this year's entry in the "Urban Communities" category of the Heart of England in Bloom competition.

Volunteers working 2011 © KHFT - All rights reserved

Of course, this sort of work continues all year round with many committed volunteers helping out during the various stages of each season's campaign, and organisers understand the benefits associated with the engagement of strong pro-active communities. Cleanup02

Thinking of volunteering for the Kings Heath Floral Trail?

Since 2007, organisers have entered the Floral Trail in the Heart of England in Bloom competition, not just to win awards, but more importantly, to provide the Kings Heath area with a focus through which to bring communities together via the interaction between businesses, residents and local government organisations. Organisers are always grateful for willing helpers to help in all aspects of the Floral Trail - whether it be physical activities or administrative tasks, and whatever you have to offer, there will always be something for you to do.  Help make your community better for you and those around you by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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